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Bibles for Refugees

In the past recent years there is an increase of refugees from Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela searching for a better living situation in Suriname. Most of them live in unhealthy housing situations and in some worst cases without any food and income. The Suriname Bible Society aims to reach the refugees by distributing food hampers with Spanish Bibles and portions to bring relief to the refugees. Your financial support can also be an asset to help a refugee in need.

Audio Bibles

The mission of the Suriname Bible Society is to reach every individual with Gods word in the desired language and format. Besides printed Bibles, the Suriname Bible Society also makes audio Bibles in local languages available for those who are cannot read or rather listen to Gods word to have a better understanding. You can support the mission of the Suriname Bible Society with your contribution.

Bibles for Youth

Nowadays the youth is exposed to all kind of temptations. To keep the youth on the right path, the Suriname Bible Society makes Bibles available for the youth to use as a guide in their life. By studying Gods word, the youth will become more and more transformed through the spirit of Gods word.

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