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    Surinaams Bijbelgenootschap
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    Contact us for the Wortu fu Gado Bible

    Sranantongo is the lingua franca in Suriname. Everyone from Suriname speaks and understands Sranantongo.

    This language is also the communication language between the different ethnic groups; it is the language frequently used in sharing the gospel with people.

    The Wortu fu Gado is the complete Bible in Sranantongo published in 2015.

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    Bible translation

    The core business of the Suriname Bible Society is Bible translation and Bible distribution. As part of this core business, the Suriname Bible Society implements different projects to bring Gods word closer to everyone in the desired language and format. Through the Bible translation projects, the Suriname Bible Society aims to make Gods word available and accessible in the heart language of the people. Your financial support to the Bible translation projects can make Gods word available and accessible in the desired language.

    Bible distribution

    Through different distribution projects, the Suriname Bible Society aims to share the Bible in audio, visual and/or printed form to different target groups in Suriname and Guyana. The implementation of the distribution projects is made possible with the help of local and international partner organizations and churches. Your financial support can also help the Suriname Bible Society distribute Bibles to everyone in Suriname and Guyana.

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